Google+ 04/03/13 The Danger is in the Doubting!

Matthew 28:16-17


Then the eleven disciples left for Galilee, going to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.

When they saw him, they worshiped him—but some of them doubted! 


Wow, can you believe this?  The disciples know that Jesus has been crucified.  I say they know, because most of them did not see it.  They were hiding, for fear that they also might be crucified.  The disciples also know that the tomb has been sealed and that the angel of the Lord appeared to Mary and Mary and spoke to them.  Part of the message that the angel delivered, was for the disciples to meet Jesus in Galilee.  The eleven disciples that remained, followed directions and went to Galilee.  There, they found Jesus, as He promised.  They SAW Him.  They WORSHIPED Him.  Then they proved that we are all brothers in Christ by doing exactly what most of us would do, having had a personal experience with Jesus.  Some of them doubted!  Now how can that be?  It is simple, so let's explore this fact.  Every day in the life of a Christian, we have some personal experience with God.  We receive a message from one of our "Mary's,"  We are told exactly what to do.  Sometimes, we stop right here and pay no attention.  Even though the Holy Spirit convicts our hearts that the voice we hear is a true messenger from God, we deny and don't "go," because it simply does not fit into our plans at the moment.  When we ignore the voice of God, we always end up regretting it.  God's mercy and grace has always allowed us to start over in prayer and obedience, until He sends Jesus back to get us.  This one is always tricky as we have no idea when that day will occur, so waiting and counting on God's mercy and grace, is a little like playing "Russian Roulette!"  As long as we can avoid that one chamber with the bullet, we survive, but as with the "smoking gun," that chamber will eventually catch up with all of us.  For those of us that do listen to the message, we go and always find Jesus.  Remember that if God ordains it, He will pay for it!  If He tells us to go, He will be there waiting for us when we arrive.  We should do two out of the three things the disciples did.  First, let's make sure we see Him.  If God called the meeting, Jesus will show up to preside!  We can count on that fact.  After we see Him, let's take a few moments to worship Him, even if it is not on our Outlook Calendar!!!  If God called the meeting, and Jesus showed up to preside, it is a miracle and we should treat it as such.  Listen carefully to the instructions.  The purpose of our "Scripture meeting" today is for Jesus to deliver the "Great Commission," which is, next to Jesus dying for our sins, the cornerstone of our faith.  This meeting, called by Jesus, was really important.  Let's remember all "Jesus meetings" are that important.  Many times in the "world's boardroom," we fall asleep.  Let's not do that with Jesus at the head of the table!!!  Listen, worship, and then "go act" without doubt.  Don't question.  Don't fear.  Obey!!!  Jesus called the meeting.  He didn't ask for a vote.  He expects us to "go, and sin no more!"  Unlike what we think, there is no danger in us seeing, listening, and going.   The danger is in the doubting!