Google+ 04/15/13 Why Not You?

Luke 24:10


It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James,

And several other women who told the apostles what had happened.


As you know from the devotions for the last two weeks, we are still celebrating the season of Easter. I am very disappointed in our local New Testament Churches who are ignoring this fact. There are many wonderful stories and much to learn surrounding the weeks following the resurrection of Jesus. Before His ascension, He appears to several people, in addition to the disciples. Our Scripture lesson from Luke today, is another interesting lesson for all of us to learn. Most of us know that the two Mary's were at the tomb on Easter Sunday morning. We are grateful that they were truly caring for our Lord and Savior. They did not go to the tomb expecting resurrection. They expected to anoint Jesus's body and give final burial preparation for the tomb, that would eventually be sealed for all eternity. Remember, they were not aware of the plan that Pilate and the chief priests devised to make sure that no one could claim that Jesus had risen. The "Mary's" part of the story is almost always reported in our churches on Easter Sunday. But, as Paul Harvey would say, "Now, for the rest of the story!"  There were other people present. First, their were "several" other women. We don't know what that means, as the Bible never defines it past these few words. We also have no idea who these women were, as they are not named. They may have been friends of the two Mary's. They may have been women from the temple that had been to the Sabbath service the day before. They may have been present at the crucifixion and were curious and decided to "tag along" with the Mary's,  as they visited the tomb. Whomever they were, they were there! One woman, besides the Mary's, is named. It is Joanna. Normally, it might be hard to determine who this lady was, but the Bible helps us in Luke 8:3. Joanna is the wife of Chuza, Herod's business manager!  Are you kidding? No, neither I nor the Bible are joking at all. Joanna had become a huge supporter of Jesus's ministry and had become a follower of Him. She witnessed the resurrection with the two Mary's and heard the angel speak to them. Little did Pilate and Herod know that their scheme to keep Jesus in the tomb and pay off the guards, was going to implode because one of their own had witnessed the very event they were protecting against! God has such a sense of humor!!! During this Easter season, when you get a chance to travel to the tomb with anyone or by yourself, please go. Listen and learn. Watch for the smallest sign of Jesus appearing to you. Today, it will probably be through the Holy Spirit or someone you know. The Bible isn't joking when Scripture tells us about seeing Jesus in the eyes of others. There probably will not be an angel, dressed in white, with blinding light. There probably will not be a trumpet fanfare accompanied by thunder and lightning. More likely, it will just be a small voice saying, "Good morning. What are you doing today?"  When you answer like Peter and say, "I'm going fishing," listen for instructions and don't miss out on seeing the face of God. Joanna was included in the greatest miracle and Christian event of all time. Why not you?