Google+ 04/19/13 Rejoice O Chosen Prize Winners!

Revelation 20:5-6


This is the first resurrection.

(The rest of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years had ended.)

Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection.

For them the second death holds no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and

Will reign with him a thousand years. 


There are so many places in the Bible that make Christians feel incredible!  While many areas of the Bible are purely instructional and necessary to our Christian discipleship, there are other passages that God intended purely as encouragement to us for following His teachings.  Fighting the "Holy War" for Jesus everyday can take a toll on us emotionally and physically.  While all of us that live as committed Christians know that God's way is the only way, standing for Him is still a constant struggle in this world.  If you are saved in Jesus Christ, the day will come when there will be no more battle, but today, here on earth, the war is in full swing!  Our Scripture passage today tells us what is at stake.  Our souls, and who has control of them, are so important that there literally is a daily battle for them between God and Satan.  We often fight this daily battle unaware and unfortified.  Paul instructs us in Ephesians to put on "the whole armor of God."  This certainly implies that we need it in our world today.  Leaving home without even one piece of it in the morning is a huge mistake.  God has given all of us the tools to win the war.  If we fight on the side of God, we know that He wins.  Sometimes, we completely ignore this fact.  No matter how bad our daily struggles become, if we are fighting for God, we will eventually win!  How comforting is that?!   After 18 chapters of the worst battle that is recorded in the Bible in Revelation, God (and us) win in chapters 19-22!  There is a message here for all of us.  Revelation has 22 chapters and we don't win until chapter 19.  That means that roughly 85% of our spiritual life, we are involved in a battle that is brutal.  Maybe having read this, we will now accept why it seems like we are always in a brutal battle for God.  We are!!!   Don't miss our Scripture's point today.  When the dust clears, if we were a part of the first resurrection, we are blessed and holy.  Look at yourself that way today.  Look in a mirror and tell yourself that God looks at you as blessed and holy because of your declaration of salvation.  We Christians are part of the first resurrection.  As we battle for God today, keep tucked in your hearts that death has no power over any of us that died with Christ and were also resurrected with Him.  We are new creatures in Him that will reign for 1000 years.  The battle is hard.  It was for Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Paul, the apostles, and Jesus.  Listen to God as He tells us that the reward is great!  Do what you know is right like the apostle Paul.  Everyone must run the race, but only one receives the prize!  Rejoice, O Chosen Prize Winners!!!