Google+ 04/08/14 How Will God Increase Our Punishment?

Psalm 120:1-3


I took my troubles to the Lord
    I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer.
Rescue me, O Lord from liars and from all deceitful people.
O deceptive tongue, what will God do to you?
    How will he increase your punishment?


In over eighty-five places, the Old and New Testament deal with the subject of liars.  In some of these passages, like Psalm 55, liars are grouped with murderers.  Proverbs 6 refers to liars as wicked and worthless.  Many people think lying is no big deal, particularly about things that don't seem to make a difference.  After all, what is the big deal if we tell people we weigh 150 when we weight 175?  Who really gets hurt if we call work and tell them we are sick when we just want to stay home that day?  Doesn't someone else work for us and the job still get done?  Those of us who embrace lying really don't understand why it can be wicked and deceitful to everyone, especially to ourselves.  Most often, people who are habitual liars are first lying to themselves and God.  It is not my job in this devotion, or in my life, to judge people's motivation for lying.  That is between them and God.  It is my job, as a pastor and a Christian,  to identify that lying is a sin and will be dealt with accordingly.  The problem with repeated sin is that innocent people get hurt.  If we lie long enough, for some reason, it becomes fact!  Some of our biggest problems in government and churches today exist because a self-serving lie or sin has been perpetuated for years with no basis in fact.  Here are some examples.  We are the only free nation in the world that has a social "entitlement" program, funded by the government through taxation.  The rest of the world has a "needs based" social program, most not funded by personal taxes at all.  The Bible says that the local New Testament Church should take care of those that become too frail to work.  We are also supposed to take care of the widowed, orphans, and any other disabled individual.  That system would work, and did, before government got involved in a Biblical truth.  Instead, we have made Social Security that system that doesn't work and argue about it daily in congress and in public.  What about our churches?  We accept, and argue and grumble about, taking up an offering during virtually every church service.  The truth is that the Bible never talks about us taking up a public offering during any worship service.  When the Bible talks about money, it always refers to the discipline we should have to give to back to God what is His already.  God's Word says this should be done in secret and should be between us and God.  What lie do we perpetuate?  We keep passing offering plates and sending people letters and statements asking for more money because we are unwilling to spend the time to teach Christians about the truth of giving to God.  Every church that takes up these public offerings regularly, continues to suffer financially, in spite of all the asking and prodding.  Let's remember today that lying is a spiritual problem between us and God.  The scripture is our guidebook on how to tell God's truth, not man's.  Be careful what you listen to, read, and accept as fact.  So many people quote Wikipedia as a factual source on the internet.  Have you ever noticed that there is an "edit" button on every topic for anyone to change the information?  We can't "edit" God's Word, no matter how much it offends us or makes us uncomfortable.  If we continue to lie, we should consider this statement from our scripture today.  "How Will God Increase Our Punishment?"