Google+ 04/09/14 Lemonade is Not Always the Answer!



1 Timothy 4:4-6


Since everything God created is good,

We should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks.

For we know it is made acceptable by the word of God and prayer.

If you explain these things to the brothers and sisters, Timothy,

You will be a worthy servant of Christ Jesus,

One who is nourished by the message of faith and the good teaching you have followed.


There is a worldly saying that many people use when things don't go the way we want them to go.  "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  Today, along with our Scripture from the apostle Paul, I would like to suggest that this is a completely false statement.  We often ignore Paul's first statement in today's Scripture.  God created everything, so it is good and we should not reject anything He has created, but give thanks for it.  Many times, "lemons" are not supposed to be "lemonade."  As a bunch of sinners, we often design new purposes for things that were never intended.  Everyday in our society, someone takes something good that can be used for God's glory and somehow perverts it.  We see it in every aspect of our society.  The internet is a sterling example.  The baroque period in music is significantly later than the baroque period in history.  The reason for this was the lack of communication available at the time.  Haydn and Mozart lived 30 miles apart and never met.  Had the internet been present, they could have collaborated daily.  The communication and availability of information provided by the internet is staggering and encouraging.  The misuse of this resource is equally as stark.  Let's not misuse what God has made.  Let's embrace that we often don't recognize the fact that what we are trying to do or say doesn't work because it is not God's plan.  Sometimes lemons are just supposed to be lemons.  "Lemonade is Not Always the Answer!"