Google+ 08/28/13 I Am A Friend of God!

Psalm 25:13-15


They will live in prosperity, and their children will inherit the land.
The Lord is a friend to those who fear him.
    He teaches them his covenant.
My eyes are always on the Lord, for he rescues me from the traps of my enemies.


In part three of our seven-part devotion entitled, "Whom Shall I Fear?" King David shares some great words of encouragement as he speaks to God.  Who will live in prosperity?  Those that have a healthy fear of God.  Who will God call His friend?  Those who have a healthy fear of Him.  Who will God rescue?  Those who keep their eyes on Him.  This all seems to be be crystal clear.  Why then are so many of us lost and fearful of so many things?  David tells us that also.  It is the traps of our enemies that ensnare us.  My father has a saying that pretty well sums this all up.  Dad says, "I have taught you everything you know, but not everything I know!"  God is the same way.  Everything we know, we have learned from God, His Son Jesus Christ, the prophets, and the apostles.  Like David, these men of God were wise.  If we listen to their teachings, all divinely inspired by God, we will avoid most of life's pitfalls.  Ultimately, it is only God that can protect us from the traps of our enemies.  How do we accomplish this?  We need to keep our eyes on Jesus.  When Peter jumped out of the boat, and began to walk on water, he had his eyes fixed on Jesus.  As long as he stayed focused on our Lord and Savior, he was fine.  But remember, Peter looked down and took His eyes off the Lord.  Peter began to sink.  As soon as Peter refocused himself on Christ, miracles happened again.  Let's listen to David and be like Peter.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus.  Look full in His wonderful face.  If we have a healthy fear of God, we will live in prosperity and our children will inherit the earth.  It is the only way we can truly proclaim, "I Am A Friend of God!"