Google+ 02/06/13 The Wise Fool?

Proverbs 26:4-5


Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.

Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation. 


It is truly amazing to me that something that was written in the middle of the 10th Century could be so accurate today!  Anyone who has spent any time with the Bible at all, knows of the "Wisdom of Solomon."  Tucked neatly in the middle of our Bibles between Psalms and Ecclesiastes, is an incredible, timeless, "how-to" book.  Many Christians dismiss the Old Testament and don't read it because it is OLD!  There is also a large misconception in Christian circles that the Old Testament is unimportant and not relevant because we have a New Testament.  These two "excuses" are both proven false by the two verses of Scripture we have today.  Solomon gives us another Christian paradox today.  So, should  we answer a fool or ignore them?  The answer God gives us through Solomon is "Both!"  Our Scripture tells us to be careful answering foolish statements, because we may become equally as foolish.  For whatever it is worth, I could not agree more.  Everyday I am faced with "fools" who want me to spend my day being "foolish."  I have learned to refuse.  I avoid these entrapments like the plague.  Foolish people rarely become wise, because they choose to be foolish.  Yes, I said they CHOOSE to be foolish.  If God's Word is to be our guide, if we pursue the opposite of God's word on a daily basis, we are foolish.  Let me give an illustration so that no one misunderstands the Scripture today.  I recently witnessed what was to be a fellowship gathering of a group of Christians at a church.  The "meeting" occurred on church property.  Before, during, and after the meeting, alcoholic beverages were available for consumption at no charge.  Let's be clear about something.  The Bible does not say anywhere that "drinking" is wrong.  What the Bible does say, is we should never become "drunk with wine."  The "foolish" part of this story is that we need to realize as Christians, that most people have no self-control.  As Christians, providing a "wise" Christian environment is critical.  So in this situation, some became "drunk with wine," and some others became "foolish" with them.  So what is the harm?  Little do these "foolish" people know that they were noticed by another group, sharing an adjacent space, which involved children.  Questions were asked and answered regarding what was going on.  The "foolishness" had a long-reaching effect on people who already believe many "Christians" are hypocrites.  How "foolish" can we be in God's Kingdom?  Our inability to be "wise" in Christ, testified to several families that being part of an apparent church "family of God," is no different than being in the world.  The conclusion becomes "why join?"  Finally, Solomon tells us the real danger of my example above.  No one has shared with these "foolish" folks the truth about their "foolishness,"  so they think they are "wise."  O boy, this is a really big problem.  In our society, silence breeds acceptance and agreement.  As I have mentioned before, Christianity should not be a label, it should be a lifestyle.  We should not just follow Christian principles for an hour on "church days," but everyday of our life.  In essence, we are living a lie in front of God.  It is the same principal that applies when we encounter a police car on the highway.  We all slow down, even if we are not exceeding the speed limit.  As soon as we have cleared a "safe" distance, we speed back up and go on our merry way.  The next time we are being "foolish" in God's name, I hope someone tells us so we don't think we are "wise" in our own "foolishness."  When you observe this kind of behavior, which you probably will everyday, speak the truth and then exit.  Don't argue or try to convince "foolish" people that YOU are "wise."  Solomon tells you that they will make you foolish.  Instead, speak God's truth, and let Jesus deal with the "foolish" people.  He is so much better at it and you won't waste precious time and can go back to working in God's Vineyard!