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Psalm 125:4-5


O Lord, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you.
But banish those who turn to crooked ways, O Lord.
Take them away with those who do evil.

May Israel have peace! 


I won't ask for a show of hands from all of you that would like to pray this psalm in your current, worldly situation!  I will just admit to you that there are many times that I truly feel this way in my everyday life.  David was crying out to God for Israel to finally have peace.  David is very bold with God.  He says that he wants God to to do good to these whose hearts are in tune with God.  The next line is very bold.  David wants God to banish those who turn to crooked ways.  In other words, please rid Israel of all the evil people and their crooked ways so that Israel can live in peace.  Let's be honest.  I call it "bathroom mirror time!"  When we are shaving, putting on makeup, or brushing our hair in the bathroom in the morning or at night, we are most often alone with the mirror and God.  This is the time that we are brutally honest with God and He is brutally honest with us, in the silence.  Don't you really have the same request that David had before a long day?  Is there someone at work or school that you really wish God would just banish?  After a hard day, don't you want God to love those of us that have done good and turned our hearts toward Him?  Remember, we are being honest with ourselves and God!  David tells us that there is nothing wrong with these feelings.  Earlier in the psalm, David makes sure to state that the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous.   Be confident as you walk through another day.  God has shown us the end of the story.  God wins!  If we are in tune with Him, we win too!  I would only add one thing to David's plea.  Take a page from the New Testament and pray that everyone will turn their hearts toward God.  Why?  I love Godly crowds, and being a music minister, I am praying for a bigger heavenly choir!