Google+ 02/04/14 Show Up and Be Amazed!

Acts 2:42-44


All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship,

And to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer.

A deep sense of awe came over them all,

And the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders.

And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.


In part two of our six-part devotion series entitled, "Wonders in Wonderland!" we turn to one of my favorite books in the Bible.  If you follow my writings, teaching, and preaching regularly, it may seem as if I am possessed by the book of Acts.  Okay, I confess!  Acts, for me, is where we learn how to build, grow, and maintain God's church by looking at what worked and what did not in Biblical times.  If the book of Acts is one of my favorite books in the Bible, Chapter 2:42-44 are certainly some of my favorite verses.  We all know that we are to fellowship in the temple daily.  It is why we offer a free, 6 PM meal every day.  The fellowship is amazing and the food is wonderful.  Prayer is always involved.  It is the next part of our Scripture lesson today ,where we need to apply our focus.  By fellowshipping in the temple daily, a deep sense of awe came over all of the people.  The apostles were able to perform miraculous signs and wonders.  It was then only logical and proper that everyone would meet together in one place and share all they had with one another.  If this is all true, and the Bible says it is, why don't we all do it?  All of our weekly rehearsals and worship services generate about 100 different people coming in and out of our church/theater.  They all profess their love for God and for each other.  Yet, only about 12 people regularly show up for the evening meal.  Why?  The answer to this question depends on who we talk to and what we believe.  The most often used reason for non-attendance is the one Jesus has been hearing for years..."I don't have time!"  The answer to this statement is simple.  None of us has time in our worldly endeavors to "pencil-in" God.  It requires a complete life change.  We must make God the central point in our life and "pencil-in" the world.  This is exactly what the Bible means in the statement that we must be in the world, not of the world.  Our Scripture today tells us what we are missing if we don't fellowship daily together.  Make no mistake.  If we are not present, there is no way we can see God and fellowship with His people.  Many of us are missing God's miracles that are happening every day at the temple.  What should we do!  "Show Up and Be Amazed!"