Google+ 02/07/14 Let the Children Come to Me!

Psalm 22:30-31


Our children will also serve him.
    Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord.
His righteous acts will be told to those not yet born.
    They will hear about everything he has done.


In part five of our six-part devotion series entitled, "Wonders in Wonderland!" David tells us what to do about our children.  Most of the time, we are certainly a confused generation when it comes to our children.  If Christ is not the center of our home, it really shows in our children.  Today our society is full of "electronic" babysitters.  It is no wonder that every pediatrician, nutritionist, and trainer is concerned and screaming about the upward trend in the weight of our children.  The combination of how we eat and the shift away from "play" for kids is certainly a problem we have created.  Most of the problems we experience with our children could be solved immediately, and not by the latest diet plan!  David tells us how to fix those problems right now!  Our children need to serve God.  We need to tell our future generations about Jesus.  We even need to tell the unborn!  If we do, our children will hear everything God has done.  Why is this so important?  Our children need a sense of security, purpose, and direction.  Timely and well-defined rules create the structure that our children need.  The Bible tells us so!  We need to encourage our children to serve now.   There is no set age for this.  Let the iPad be replaced with the "I serve!"  Let the video games be replaced by a healthy game of tag or tug-o-war!  Let's get our children back to what God intended.  We must quote Jesus everyday if we want our children to walk in His ways.  "Let the Children Come to Me!"