Google+ 02/19/14 We Should Love One Another!

2 Chronicles 6:13-15


Now Solomon had made a bronze platform 7 1⁄2 feet long, 7 1⁄2 feet wide, and 4 1⁄2 feet high

And had placed it at the center of the Temple’s outer courtyard.

He stood on the platform, and then he knelt in front of the entire community of Israel

And lifted his hands toward heaven.

He prayed,

“O Lord God of Israel, there is no God like you in all of heaven and earth.

You keep your covenant and show unfailing love

To all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion.

You have kept your promise to your servant David, my father.

You made that promise with your own mouth,

And with your own hands you have fulfilled it today.


In part nine of our eighteen-part devotion series entitled, "Sharing God's Love!" we turn to the wisdom of Solomon as he discusses who God is and the promises God keeps to all of us.  Prior to this as you will remember, David went to God and told Him that he would like to build a temple that would honor the Lord Almighty for all He had done.  Before asking God if this was okay, David began to lay out his carefully-drawn plans, for this magnificent structure, to God.  As David was explaining his plan, God shared with David that He would prefer that David not build the temple.  David was very disappointed until he learned that the person God had chosen to build the temple was none other than Solomon, David's son.  Obviously by reading today's Scripture, God chose the right man!  Solomon kneels in the presence of God, and all the people of Israel, giving thanks for the promises that God has kept.  Solomon proclaims that there is no greater God than Jehovah.  This is a very important claim, at the time, in the midst of the people of Israel.  There was much paganism beginning and Solomon needed to affirm that this God was the God of their ancestors.  It was important that Solomon remind the Israelites of the promises God had made and kept to his father David.  Today in your prayer time, re-affirm that God is that same God of our ancestors.  Confirm that God has answered our prayers and kept His promises.  By doing so, we will acknowledge the agape love that God has for all brothers and sisters in Christ.  We will affirm that this is how we should love each other.  This is what Jesus meant when He proclaimed that "We Should Love One Another!"