Google+ 01/15/13 4-Letter Words!

Proverbs 12:6-8


The words of the wicked are like a murderous ambush,
 But the words of the Godly save lives.

The wicked die and disappear,
 But the family of the Godly stands firm.


I am always concerned about the words we hear and say every day to each other.  In our English language, we "coin" words that we identify as "slang."  These are words that don't really mean anything, but everyone seems to know what they mean.  Webster just added to their dictionary "LOL!"  As you know, this abbreviation means nothing in the true English language.  If you text or email, you know that rarely can you survive these types of communication without someone saying "LOL."  For those readers today that are not aware (God bless you!), this 3-letter abbreviation stands for, "Laugh out Loud."  On the surface, these "slang" terms don't seem to cause much harm.  The problem is that our words evolve every day.  Solomon is trying to explain to us that wicked words attack us quickly and do great damage. What does Solomon mean by "wicked words?"  That is easy.  Words that have satanic influence are any words that do not lift up and glorify God.  In turn, our words must be encouraging to each other, since we are God's most important creation.  So, this seems pretty straightforward and easy, does it not?  When we speak, be uplifting to God and each other.  Use the most important 4-letter word in all of creation, often.  You know the one, right?  God's most important 4-letter word is "Love."  I must admit that almost every day I am a party to cruel conversations around me, across me, or about me!  Have you ever noticed that the world's 4-letter words really don't mean anything?  They just seem to be angry or cruel explanations of wickedness and shout loudly to all "The devil is present here." The things we say about and to each other are many times,horrifying.   Our "off-handed," impromptu comments can "murder" people.  The plea from God, Solomon, and me today is to please stop it!  Think before you speak.  The words you are about to utter can destroy a person and you simply cannot take them back.  Most marriage counseling that I do comes down to one important item that cannot be reconciled.  Most ministers think that the problem in marriages today is either disagreement about how to raise children, money or infidelity.  That would be grossly wrong.  These are merely symptoms of a single, big problem.  Because spouses do not think before they talk (or text or email which is even worse), they say things to one another that can be forgiven, but not forgotten.  Damage is done, as our Scripture says today, by ambush.  The attack comes swiftly and without warning.   This grave situation is not confined to married couples.  It happens to children, friends, other family members, and yes, even to church families.  Last night, I apologized to a group of about 25 people for anytime that anyone who has called themselves a minister or Christian, has hurt them with their tongue.  I can't take other people's words (or my own) back.   Solomon explains exactly why I did this.  Solomon says that the wicked will disappear and die.  This is where I need to add my "Yeah God" and in the words of Star Trek's Captain Picard to Number one, "Make it so!"   Solomon says that the Family of God will stand firm.  Please, let's do that.  If we, as the Family of God, speak in uplifting words and use God's favorite 4-letter word often, we will assist God in causing the "wicked to die and disappear."  Our Family of God is precious to each of us.  Think before you speak and use God's 4-letter word!  I promise God's 4-letter word will never get you in trouble or cause someone to be "murdered by the words of the wicked."