Google+ 01/21/13 Peace on Every Border!

1 Kings 4:24-26


Solomon’s dominion extended over all the kingdoms west of the Euphrates River, from Tiphsah to Gaza.

And there was peace on all his borders.

During the lifetime of Solomon, all of Judah and Israel lived in peace and safety.

And from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, each family had its own home and garden.


Many times all of us dwell on the negative far too much.  I'm not judging, but rather observing.  I stopped watching the evening news a long time ago.  During a small break in my schedule last week, I had 5 or 6 minutes to put my feet up.  I turned on the TV, primarily to check the weather for the evening and the next day.  I found, after watching the evening news for less than five minutes, I was irritable and cranky!  Why?  There was not one thing I watched that was uplifting to anyone.  There was certainly no glorifying God.  There was just one sensational, negative story after another.  It reminded me why I have sought out and built such a wonderful Family of God.  We, as God's people, really need to focus on our blessings and all the needs God provides for us each day.  That's why today's Scripture is so important.  While the author of 1 Kings is in most Christian circles unknown, the Jewish tradition has always held that this book was penned by Jeremiah.  Regardless of who wrote this book, the facts and chronologies are amazingly accurate.  After all of the strife that has taken place, our Scripture states that there was now peace at all the borders of Solomon's kingdom.  Wow, what a refreshing thought!  The greatest tribute anyone could ever give King Solomon is the next line of our Scripture which states that everyone lived in peace and safety during King Solomon's entire reign.  Our Scripture today concludes by saying that every family had their own home and garden.  Let's be careful that we do not make up words that are not there.  Our Scripture does not say that Solomon's kingdom was "problem free."  1 Kings does not say that everyone had everything they wanted.  What we need to learn is what is important here, because it is the same for us in God's world today.  The people had everything they needed in peace, safety, and provisions. We should realize that we can always find a reason to be discontent.  We can always be troubled by something the world does to us.  From the world's perspective, not God's, we never have enough.  Stop making your life a 30 minute "evening newscast."  Don't sensationalize one negative story after another.  Instead, make your life like the last 45 seconds of those very same newscasts.  Focus on a touching moment from your day, like the closing story on every newscast,  when you saw the face of God.  Who was a blessing to you today?  Who did you bless today?  If there is not "peace on every border" in your life, let God help you with that.  Work everyday to make your life "peaceful and safe."  Enjoy your "home and garden," regardless of their size or breadth.  God has provided the perfect environment for you, so appreciate it and don't compare it to others.  You are not them!  Avoid the darkness at all cost.  Be like King Solomon and walk in God's light.  When you finally lay your head to rest at night, having survived all the negative the world can throw at you, take comfort in what God has given "your kingdom."  Remember that often strife in the world, means peace with God!