Google+ 01/27/13 Short and Sweet!

Psalm 117


Praise the Lord, all you nations.
Praise him, all you people of the earth.
For he loves us with unfailing love;
the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever.

Praise the Lord!


Sometimes sermons, devotions, and even the Bible, seem long-winded.  I lobby that all of these media need to be on many occasions.  Developing an accurate and complete explanation of Scripture is one of the most formidable challenges to the modern day pastor.  For me, it is a matter of much prayer and study, daily!  Sometimes we just need to be "short and sweet!"  Today's Scripture is the shortest chapter in the Bible and by far, the shortest Psalm.  This Psalm fits in the category of "Psalms of Praise."  Here, David is crystal clear to everyone, and I do mean everyone.  This is the only one of the Psalms that addresses the entire Gentile nation.  Look at the first line and you will discover this fact.  This fact was still baffling Paul's readers in the New Testament.  That is why this is one of four passages that Paul quotes from the Old Testament in Romans to prove that God is interested in saving the Gentiles.  So today, I will be as brief as David was.  David calls on ALL of us to praise God.  David wants everyone to be included.  The reason for this praise is an acknowledgement of God's undying love for all of us.  God is always faithful.  So as you read this today on your way to worship, be "short and sweet."  Praise the Lord!