Google+ 01/31/13 Dry Bones!

Ezekiel 37:1-3


The Lord took hold of me, and I was carried away by the Spirit of the Lord to a valley filled with bones.

He led me all around among the bones that covered the valley floor.

They were scattered everywhere across the ground and were completely dried out.

Then he asked me, “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?”

“O Sovereign Lord,” I replied, “you alone know the answer to that.” 


Seen any dry bones lately?  God showed them to Ezekiel.  If you have not stumbled into the major prophet section of the Old Testament, let me introduce you to one of the best in Ezekiel. This priest, Ezekiel, son of Buzi, was deported by King Nebuchadnezzar during his second campaign against Judah.  Remember that Daniel was taken captive around 605 B.C.  Ezekiel would have been captured around 597 B.C along with 10,000 other leaders and skilled craftsman.  For this reason, all of Ezekiel's ministry occurs in Babylon!  Our Scripture reading for today finds us in Part IV of Ezekiel's prophetic book.  This is the section where God deals with the restoration of the remnant of Israel.  God literally leads Ezekiel by the hand to a valley of dry bones.  Everywhere Ezekiel looked, there were dry bones.  There was absolutely no sign of life.  Then God asks Ezekiel if the dry bones can ever be brought back to life.  Ezekiel replies by telling God that only He has the answer to that question.  The nation of Israel was dead.  Judah was all but gone.  Babylon was in full swing and things looked almost as bleak as they do in today's world!  Back to my original question.  Have you seen any dry bones lately?  Maybe at your home?  Maybe at your work?  Maybe at your church?  Everyday, especially during this season of Epiphany, we need to check our pulse.  Is every day a new opportunity for you to serve God?  Have you forgotten why God created you?  Many of us have lost our first love and, in turn, have no purpose.  Without Jesus, our lives have no meaning.  Look for every opportunity to turn your worldly job into God's work.  Someone in your office needs Jesus.  Your living example may be the only way that this person will ever accept that Christ is alive and well.  Worldwide, Christianity is declining.  Yes, I said declining.  Why?  The reason is because there are so many "dry bones."  Everywhere we look in churches today, the floor is covered with "dry bones."  I am not referring to our wise senior population!  I am referring to anyone who has no zeal for God.  I am talking about all the people that "play church" every week.  They show up, repeat the same prayers, sing the same songs, and half-listen to an uninspired message from a minister that conceived and wrote his entire sermon late on Saturday night, and go right back out the door with nothing changed.  God didn't enter with them and certainly did not leave with them.  Our Scripture today says that only God knows if "dry bones" can be revived.  I'm going to vote YES for God!  So, how about it?  Hey "dry bones," come alive and hear the word of the Lord!