Google+ 01/10/14 We Really Can't Take It With Us!

Psalm 49:15-17


But as for me, God will redeem my life.
    He will snatch me from the power of the grave.

So don’t be dismayed when the wicked grow rich and their homes become ever more splendid.
For when they die, they take nothing with them.
Their wealth will not follow them into the grave.


In part three of our ten-part devotion series entitled, "Whither or Grow...Our Choice!" we turn to David and one of the "Wisdom Psalms."   I love my church because they are always filled with questions about the Bible and how it applies to our modern-day life.  Recently, a precious Christian made a reference to the worldly saying, "You Can't Take It With You!"  Their question was where they would find that in the Bible.  There are several places, but today's Scripture is one of them.  Please understand that God has no problem with any of us making money.  Where we get into problems is when we apply worldly principals to the money God has given us.  God is not interested in how big our house is, how expensive our car is, or how much we have in our retirement account.  Rather, He is concerned about how we use the precious resources He has bestowed on each of us.  Notice that David refers to how the "wicked" grow richer and their homes become even more splendid.  Why does David call the "rich" wicked?  Simple answer to a complicated question.  If we are not obedient with our time, talent, and treasure, we are, in fact, being "wicked!"  Think about this fact for a minute.  Does that mean when we withhold gifts from God, we are acting out in a "wicked" way?  Yes, it does.  God has gifted some people with the ability to make money for His Kingdom.  God did not gift any of us in the time, talent, or treasure areas to keep it to ourselves, hoard these things, or not share them with others and God.  Remember the man that built his store houses bigger and filled them to the top, only to die that very night?  We are to trust God for our daily bread.  As I have mentioned, God has really worked on me in this area of my life.  God does provide our DAILY bread.  We each need to evaluate our lives and see what we might be withholding from God.  Is it money?  Is it our time?  Is it our talent?  Is it all three?  We must choose wisely as we discuss these things with Jesus.  The Holy Spirit will guide us if we are receptive.  Don't withhold any of these from God because, "We Really Can't Take It With Us!"