Google+ 01/13/14 We Will Bloom and Grow!

Isaiah 27:1-5


In that day the Lord will take his terrible, swift sword and punish Leviathan,

Tthe swiftly moving serpent, the coiling, writhing serpent. He will kill the dragon of the sea.

“In that day, sing about the fruitful vineyard.
 I, the Lord, will watch over it, watering it carefully.
Day and night I will watch so no one can harm it.
My anger will be gone.
If I find briers and thorns growing, I will attack them;
I will burn them up—unless they turn to me for help.
Let them make peace with me; yes, let them make peace with me.”


In part five or our ten-part devotion series entitled, "Whither or Grow...Our Choice!" we turn to the prophet Isaiah.  In chapter 27, we first discover the foreshadowing of God's victory over Satan that is recorded in Revelation 20.  The swift-moving serpent is none other than Satan.  God's vineyard is His Kingdom and we are those working in the vineyard.  Notice that God is going to do the pruning of briers and thorns so that we can grow.  The only way to truly kill an unwanted weed is to destroy it with fire.  God promises that He will do just that.  Like the loving God that we all know, the negative threat comes with positive hope.  Anyone who wishes to make peace with God will be permitted to do so, but they must go directly to God.  We often inhibit our growth in God by not appreciating what God has to say about all of us.  Those that believe are God's church.  God has proclaimed that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  The key word here is "prevail!"  Some believe that if we are Christians, everything should go smoothly for us.  When it does not, those same Christians become discouraged and angry.  They feel like God has let them down.  Quite the contrary!!!  God has equipped us for the battle with Leviathan.  He promises to stand with us.  He DOES NOT promise us that our lives will not be a struggle, but He DOES promise that Satan will not prevail.  Let's claim that promise and work daily in God's vineyard.  Be encouraged and know that God wins the battle.  Let God remove the briars and thorns as the master pruner.  When this pruning is accomplished daily by God, "We Will Bloom and Grow!"