Google+ 07/21/13 How Great is Our God!

Job 7:6-9


“My days fly faster than a weaver’s shuttle.  They end without hope.
O God, remember that my life is but a breath, and I will never again feel happiness.
You see me now, but not for long.  You will look for me, but I will be gone.
Just as a cloud dissipates and vanishes, those who die will not come back.


As we conclude our two-part devotion today, please listen to the sermon for an in-depth discussion of the pain and suffering that Job speaks about.  In the second part of our Scripture (verse 6-9), Job is crying out to God in great despair.  The days are going by too fast for Job.  Unfortunately, Job is in such great pain that he doesn't see any hope in what he is accomplishing.  Before you begin to judge Job in any fashion, remember that he has lost his wife, children, and material possessions.  He truly has reason to give up on life itself.  Instead, he pleads with God.  Job recognizes his own mortality and believes his time on earth is short.  Because there has been no resurrection of Jesus at this point, Job exclaims all that he knows.  He looks at God and explains that death is final.  Surely, the situation for Job is desperate.  All of us have had "Job" moments.  We feel the perceived futility of life and see no hope in sight.  Further on in the book of Job, God brings understanding and Job is always faithful to God.  Lesson learned for all of us.  No matter how desperate the situation may seem, our fellowship with God is always available.  We cannot turn our back on God.  He is the one person that can bring hope in times of despair.  God shows us usefulness when all we see is futility.  Regardless of what earthly challenges are thrown our way, we can and should always proclaim, "How Great is Our God!"