Google+ 06/18/13 No More Whining and Complaining!!!

Philippians 2:13-15


For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you.

Live clean, innocent lives as children of God,

Shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.


Several years ago, I made an important decision in my life.  At some level, I have always been productive for God, but there were times when I got angry and complained to God and everyone around me.  I realized that this was hurting my relationship with God and wasting valuable time.  Then, one day, I just sat down and asked myself why I was angry.  God told me.  I dealt with the worldly issues that were causing me to constantly complain and whine.  God's people, even with the best of intentions, get angry, complain, and whine.  Our Scripture lesson today is one of the many passages in the Bible that deal with complaining and whining.  Most complaining and whining comes from our frustrations, which often manifest themselves in anger.  Remember the Israelites who were led to freedom by God and Moses?  They were no longer slaves.  Like Paul tells us, they had been freed and given the desire and power to please God and themselves.  What did they do?  They complained to Moses about not having enough to eat or drink.  They whined and actually said they would have been better off staying in Egypt.  Are they kidding?  People were being killed by Pharaoh.  No one had any rights, especially none that allowed them to worship or be all they could be for God.  Still, they lost sight of the power God had given them to be happy and productive.  God has taught me patience and kindness in almost every area of my life.  That was a big job and way to go God!!!  I must admit that I still struggle with those that whine and complain.  I pray for them, as instructed by God.  The biggest burden that this kind of behavior puts on my heart is the wasted time that whiners and complainers cause every day.  Since God put a finite number of hours in each day, the time that is lost or wasted being angry and frustrated, can never be recovered.  These behaviors are often fueled by fear.  When we lose sight of who God is in our lives, we end up truly alone and afraid.  Without God, and the positive presence of the Holy Spirit, we should be terrified.  I encourage you to ask my magic question today in your life.  Why are you angry and what do you really have to complain or whine about?  I believe you will discover what God taught me, the sinner that I am.  We could not be more blessed by God, so we have no reason to be angry or afraid.  As a result, we all need to belong to God's "Bright Lights" club in this world of darkness.  Shine brightly every day in a crooked and perverse world.  Hear and heed God's word; "No More Whining and Complaining!!!"