Google+ 06/20/13 "Is Anything Worth Your Soul?"

Mark 8:35-37


If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it.

But if you give up your life for my sake and for the sake of the Good News, you will save it.

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? 

 Is anything worth more than your soul?


The answer is NO!  This passage of Scripture is so simple and direct, we often ignore the point or miss it altogether.  The words that Mark has written for us came directly from Jesus.  He is foretelling His own death.  Jesus helps clear up the Christian paradox that we all struggle with in our walk with God.  Jesus tells us if we give up our life for Him and the gospel message, we will save our soul.  He also explains that if we hold back our life from Him, we will certainly lose it.  Finally, Jesus explains that what we accumulate here on earth simply isn't worth it or important.  Then, there is that last sentence to all of us, in the form of a question.  Many of us spend most of our earthly lives accumulating stuff.  It is not just the obvious things that I am talking about.  The cars, houses, clothes, furniture, electronics, and other worldly possessions are easy to see, and bold testimonies of where our priorities lie.  There are other more alarming things that keep us from using our time and talent for God the Almighty.  As a minister, I am troubled by people who are consumed by retirement.  I am not talking about those that wish to retire from their "Caesar" jobs and work hard for the Kingdom of God.  I am talking about people that speak every day about how much joy they will have when they can be idle and do nothing!  Our world has convinced us that the prize is the retirement home on the golf course where we will spend the rest of our lives being guided by an early-morning tee time.  Most of these folks don't even enjoy or appreciate what they do in their daily lives.  They count down each work week and live for the weekend, not to worship God, but to get to Saturday and Sunday where they do not have to work.  Holidays that used to be meaningful celebrations of Godly efforts and accomplishments, have become three-day weekends to find a place to "get away" and do nothing.  I believe there is a theme here, which is exactly what Jesus is talking about in our Scripture today.  If we don't use our lives for Him, we will lose them.  I have watched numerous people turn sixty-five, retire, and begin their "nothingness" journey, only to die because of inactivity, both physically and mentally.  That is why God told us that we would never know the time of the world's end.  The instruction is that we should work for God's Kingdom every day until Jesus comes back.  That means we need to be productive for Him.  Don't waste time trying to do nothing.  God did not make you that way and you will lose your life if you choose that path.  We must evaluate our lives every day to determine what is important.  If you want to live forever, die to yourself today.  Jesus promises if we do, eternal life with God is the true prize for each of us.  Our devotion today asks the same question Jesus did.  "Is Anything Worth Your Soul?"