Google+ 06/27/13 United Together, We are the Body of Christ!

1 Corinthians 12:9-10


The same Spirit gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing.

He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy.


Today in part four of our five-part devotion series on spiritual gifts, Paul talks about the gifts of faith, healing, prophesy, and the ability to perform miracles.  All of these in two sentences!  Is faith really a spiritual gift?  If you didn't know this, the answer is yes.  Faith is the ability to believe in something you cannot see or touch.  Only believers can possess this gift, which is why numerous people simply don't embrace any kind of organized religion.  This is also why God tells us that every Christian has at least one spiritual gift.  Then there is the gift of healing.  Often, we equate this gift with a pastor who puts on some type of spectacular show where people fall down, tremble, or scream.  More often than not, healing comes in a very mundane form.  Included in this gift are people who literally heal people physically.  Modern-day medicine includes many Christian healthcare professionals who heal masses of people every day from ailments that were fatal, as little as ten years ago.  Healing is often spiritual also.  People become "possessed" with satanic influences.  Yes, I said that out loud!  Like Jesus did, we are called to banish negative spirits from ourselves and others.  Make no mistake that Satan uses people who are conflicted to work against God and His Kingdom.  Today, our prophesy gifts do not come in the same form they did in the Old Testament.  God is not going to physically appear and have audience with most of us in a burning bush!  God sent His Son to exemplify all of His principles in human form.  When Jesus ascended, God sent the Holy Spirit to be our guide and vision.  The gift of prophecy is the ability to use the Holy Spirit, fully, in determining what should be our next steps in God's will.  Finally, God has equipped some of us to perform miracles.  Once again, don't immediately think that these "miracles" all need to be made into a Hollywood movie.  Our ministry was recently sharing a worship service with one of our fabulous assisted-living facilities in our community.  During the worship service, one of the residents who had not opened their eyes for some time, did just that, during one of our songs.  For a moment it confused her caregivers, as this was not something they had ever seen.   Most of the people in the room never even noticed that this happened, but it was still a miracle.  The smile on her face was directly from God as she heard our music.  Remember, that miraculous things happen in our lives every day, so we should be fully aware and prepared.  Paul continues to point out to the Corinthians that all these gifts come from the same source, which is our one true God.  Today, let's continue to celebrate our differences and our spiritual gifts.  United together by these precious gifts, we are the body of Christ!