Google+ 03/01/13 Pestilent Politics!

Proverbs 28:1-2


The wicked run away when no one is chasing them,
 But the godly are as bold as lions.

When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.
But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.


If we are near a TV, computer, iPad, smartphone, or newspaper anytime during the day, we cannot avoid hearing news that is not flattering about our government and those that serve it here in the United States.  While most of us do not wake up fearing for our physical lives, which occurs in many countries in the world, we should be terrified of what we have allowed the United States government to do to our moral and spiritual lives.  Yes, I said "what WE have allowed."  It is time to re-visit our constitution and discover what our forefathers really intended.  I hope we all remember why there is a United States of America.  Our ancestors came to this country for the express purpose of enjoying religious freedom to worship GOD!  How do we know it was GOD they came to worship?  The government they formed in 1776 says so!!!  I know most of us use electronic means of payment today, but our cash and the Pledge of Allegiance both state clearly that we are "one nation under GOD!"  So, how did we get to where we are today?  Our Scripture tells us.  Solomon is truly wise.  He states that governments topple because of "moral rot" in the nations they serve.  Look at what Solomon tells us in the last verse of our Scripture.  Solomon says that wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.  Wise does not mean "book smart."  What wise does mean is "Godly smart."  Here is where we as Americans have made our largest mistake in government.  We stopped electing committed Christians to government positions.  We have become a nation of "political correctness" instead of being morally and spiritually correct and convicted.  We have strayed from our Christian principles that were so ingrained in our forefathers.  One major area where we have really departed from God, is the education of our children.  For the most part, we have turned their education over to our government, which has no interest in talking about the "fear of God" and the "joy of the Lord" with anyone.  Our grandparents and great-grandparents educated their children through the church.  Do you have any idea how much Christian education could be done by Godly people, through the church, if we controlled all the money that is given to and spent by the government on "educating" our children?  We would NEVER run out of money for education.  So who has allowed this to happen?  We have.  Sad, but very true.  There is a central point that we must embrace about everything we do and say in our lives.  If God is not in whatever we do, Satan is.  The void of anything Godly, by definition, means that the opposing evil force is in place.  There is no middle ground, which is where we have "missed the boat."  We are so worried that our Godly principles might offend someone.  I have a bulletin for you.  Godly principles offend ungodly people!  They always have.  Remember the cross?  Jesus was crucified because of His Godly principles which are supposed to be ours, also.  We are busy discussing the pros and cons of political parties, instead of explaining what we believe and why.  The two major political parties in the United States spend most of their time not engaged in Godly, productive activity, but hurling insults at each other, trying to affix blame for the mess we are in.  It is the void of anything Godly that has caused this mess!  Do you realize that for over 100 years, four churches met in the Capitol building on Sundays?  Are you aware that all but two of the original signers of the Constitution were practicing, evangelist Christians and many were ordained ministers?  Can you believe that the first Bibles that were in our PUBLIC schools were printed by the Library of Congress for the education of our young people?  In between elections, why not write to your government officials and encourage them to make Godly decisions for you.  If they ask why or send you a form letter, respond and tell them who you are and who they should be.  We are Christians living in the largest Christian nation in the world.  They should be "wise" and "knowledgeable" leaders who provide stability.  Until Jesus comes back, let's do what we are supposed to and work daily for God's Kingdom.  That means becoming "morally and spiritually correct" and electing and encouraging our governmental leaders to do the same.  Be relentless.  The spiritual life of our nation depends on it, not to mention the future of all the earthly generations to come!