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Psalm 147:1-3


Praise the Lord!  How good to sing praises to our God!
How delightful and how fitting!
The Lord is rebuilding Jerusalem and bringing the exiles back to Israel.
He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.


Maybe  MM

Maybe you are having a bad day.  Did someone you love take out their frustrations on you?  Were you serving God and ran into Satan's "buzz saw?"  Were you a victim of "Christians" behaving like non-Christians?  Whatever the reason, we all become brokenhearted.  How do I know?  David tells us in our Scripture today.  David begins by shouting loudly that we should "Praise the Lord!"  If you "Praise the Lord" daily, then you know that David's next statement is so true.  When we are brokenhearted, the best "cure" is praising the Lord, which is delightful and fitting!  David tells us that God is always rebuilding His Kingdom and bringing back "exiles."  How does He do that?  God becomes the great physician and heals broken hearts and bandages our wounds.  As a minister, I strive to NEVER break anyone's heart.  It is a diligent and necessary part of ministry.  I follow the Scripture when it says tell the truth in love.  God's love and truth sometimes hurts.  As a pastor, I need to look at things, not only through the eyes of Jesus, but through the eyes of His people.  We as ministers can often say something "off the cuff" that offends a good number of people.  I have found, with careful preparation, I can avoid most of those unfortunate circumstances, but because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, sometimes broken hearts happen.  Literally, I thank God that He is there to heal the brokenhearted.  God heals my broken heart when God's people say things to me that harm and humiliate.  So today, if you find yourself brokenhearted and in need of "wound-healing," step right up to the throne room of God.   The ultimate cardiac specialist is open 24/7!