Google+ 03/16/13 "I Don't Know You!"

Matthew 10:32-33


“Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven. 


We often associate Satan as the "master" of hell.  To a certain extent, this is an accurate discription.  We know that Satan will rule in the fiery pit.  What we don't often discuss is how Satan got to hell, and further more, how all the people that the devil rules over, end up in this fiery domain.  Our Scripture today answers that question.  It is not pleasant for us to discuss.  Who sends the devil and others to hell?  You know the answer, but probably don't want to admit it.  Ultimately, the devil and everyone who ends up in hell, has been banished there by God, through Jesus Christ.   Wow, that really is frightening!  Remember, Jesus is doing the speaking in our Scripture passage today.  We have a choice.  If we publicly choose Jesus here on earth, He will also know us in heaven and tell God the Father that we belong to Him.  If conversely we deny Him here on earth, Jesus will tell God that He has no idea who we are.  I don't know about you, but I am not comfortable with people who are constantly jumping on and off "bandwagons."  Identifying yourself with a "winning" team is never difficult.  Many people wait to see who they think might be the "winners," and then pledge their allegiance.  These people are at best, "fair-weather friends," who will depart as quickly as they come when times get tough.  Every sports team goes through transitions where their loses are more frequent than their wins.  In sports, we call it "rebuilding."  In  Christianity, we call it a time of testing!  Jesus tells us in our Scripture today that there is no room in heaven for "Bandwagoners!"  Step up and pledge your allegiance to the Lamb of God today, and always.  There will be no waiting until we are sure that God wins this battle.  If we are true Christians, we accept from the beginning that God wins, but that it is going to be a battle.  There will be times of despair.  There will be major challenges.  Our faith will be questioned by many, and we will be made the joke of many an earthly situation.  Stand firm and stay on the wagon, even when the wheels fall off.  Climb down and help fix today's "flat tire!"  There will be many of these challenges in our journey with Jesus.  There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ.  If you are prone to climb off and on God's bandwagon, heed this warning.  The Day of Judgment is at hand and no one knows the time or place.  To paraphrase the Bible, if the householder had known when the burglar was going to arrive, he would have locked the door!  We could easily be separated from God when Jesus comes back for us.  If we are, God will eternally banish us from heaven, to spend the rest of eternity with Satan.  Don't take that chance because you think the challenge is too hard.  Climb on God's wagon today and stay there, once and for all.  Without our constant declaration of Jesus as King, we will hear the scariest words we have ever heard on the Day of Judgment from Jesus.  He will say "I Don't Know You!"