Google+ 03/20/13 Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Way!

Proverbs 10:22-24


The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

Doing wrong is fun for a fool, but living wisely brings pleasure to the sensible.

The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted 


When we adhere to God's "natural order," even in this evil world, our lives turn out very well.  It is our behavior towards God that determines our lack of true suffering!  Yes, I said that out loud.  God created man for worship and praise for Him.  God promises, as we see again in our Scripture today, that if we praise Him and lift up His name, He will bless us.  Is it really that simple?  Yes, it is, but like most things holy, we either miss the point or ignore it.  Notice that Solomon shares with us that not only does God bless us and make us rich in Him, God adds no sorrow, regardless if we deserve it.  So, our sorrow does not come from obedience and praise to God.  It comes from thinking that we will get away with doing wrong.  Being a father of four children, I am firmly convinced that every time one of my children went astray, they knew it.  They, like all of us, fell into the trap of thinking that doing wrong was somehow fun.  As our Scripture states, doing wrong is only considered to be fun by a fool.  Conversely, living wisely brings a long-lasting sense of pleasure to those that wish to be sensible.  Remember that being foolish or wise is a daily choice we must make.  The final statement in our Scripture today is so important.  All our hope must be in God and Jesus Christ.  Any fears that we develop will come to pass, if we continue to exhibit wicked behavior.  I am sure that none of us believe our behavior is "wicked."  We never start out to be "wicked."  Satan uses us and makes our behavior "wicked."  How do we avoid this trap?  Talk to God about your hopes, and yes, your fears.  Let Him fulfill your hopes and remove your fears.  Don't allow Satan to manifest himself in your daily life.  Avoid all those areas and things that Satan likes to infiltrate.  How do we know what these things are?  The Holy Spirit convicts our heart.  That is why every time we do something that is "wicked," we already know before we do it!  The world calls it a "guilty conscious."  Strive to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  So be wise, not foolish.  As you do, expect God to bless you.  Hope and dream in the Lord.  God will fulfill your hopes and comfort your fears.  Doing wrong is not "fun" for long.  Let God make your life "fun" through obedience and praise.  Only the joy of the Lord lasts.  Everything else is just a poor, temporary imitation.  God's joy is everlasting!