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Acts 2:37-42


Peter’s words pierced their hearts, and they said to him and to the other apostles,

“Brothers, what should we do?”

Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God,

And be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This promise is to you, and to your children, and even to the Gentiles—

All who have been called by the Lord our God.”

Then Peter continued preaching for a long time, strongly urging all his listeners,

“Save yourselves from this crooked generation!”

Those who believed what Peter said were baptized and added to the church that day—about 3,000 in all.

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship,

And to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer. 


Part five of our six-part devotion finds Peter finishing his sermon on the day of Pentecost with incredible results.  Every minister who preaches a sermon longs to hear the words that Peter heard from the crowd on Pentecost.  The Bible says that Peter's words pierced their hearts and they asked him what they should do!  Does it get any better than that?  Peter doesn't hesitate.   He tells them that they must repent and turn from their sins, then turn to God, and be baptized.  Make sure we take note of the order!  Follow this very carefully.  When we first accept Christ as our personal Savior, there is a huge repentance that takes place.  All of the sin that has accumulated is deposited in the throne room of God.  The Bible says that He forgives our sins through His Son Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah!  This is a wonderful moment and brings great peace to our lives, but it is only a single moment.  We have two other things we must do.  We must turn away from the influences of Satan and turn to God.  In this evil world, that is easier said than done.  We must stop doing all the things we now know are wrong and move forward in a new direction.  The "repentance card" is not a "We can sin whenever we want to" invitation.  Once we are sure about our relationship with Jesus Christ, we then need to tell the world that we are a new creature in Christ.  This is to let the world know that we are going to behave differently.  How is that possible as what has really changed?  Get ready, here is the answer!  By accepting God, through His Son Jesus Christ, we are now indwelled by the Holy Spirit.  This is the one key factor that will change our lives as we listen to an entirely different "voice" of instruction.  The Holy Spirit encourages and instructs.  The Holy Spirit performs miraculous works through us.  In short, the Holy Spirit keeps us out of the "old trouble" we used to be in all the time!  Peter concludes with exactly what we should do, so get your paper and pencil ready!  We should devote ourselves to the apostles' teachings, daily fellowship  in the temple, and the breaking of bread together, including the sacrament of Holy Communion.  Last but not least, we should be devoted to prayer.  I lobby that if we do all this, we don't have time for all that "old trouble!"  Hey, maybe that was the point!!!  What is the reward for us besides eternal life?  We will celebrate with God, Jesus, and the apostles as 3,000  are added to our "church!"  Let's do that every day!!!