Google+ 05/27/13 Never Be Lazy For God!!!

Romans 12:10-12


Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.


Paul knew the Roman people well.  After all, he was one!  One of the attributes of the Roman Empire was their work ethic.  They did not waste time in anything they did.  Every action they took had a far-reaching purpose and meaning.  Their education system at the time  was second to none.  The Roman government was extremely efficient.  Lastly, they knew how to torture and kill people better than anyone.  We experienced this first-hand in the punishment and crucifixion of Christ.  Like many civilizations, their motivation was not in line with our Scripture lesson today.  Notice that Paul tells the Romans to love each other with genuine affection.   In other words, Paul says to not be fake!  Notice what follows this admonition.  Genuine affection leads to being delighted in honoring each other.  Those two go hand-in-hand.  The disingenuous love responses, that we often give each other out of habit, convenience, or circumstance, provide no delight for any of us.  Paul then relates to the Roman people one of the things I want to tell everyone I see.  Paul says to never be lazy, work hard, and serve the Lord enthusiastically.  Amen, brother!!!  Take any day in your life and watch how much time people waste in your presence.  Then, evaluate how often they try to derail you and entice you to be lazy.  Recreation is important in God's Kingdom.  The Bible calls it fellowship and we are to do it daily.  The problem is that we have far too many mindless and non-productive ways to fellowship in our world today.  Some people are chained to a TV, iPad, or computer eight hours a day while their children want to know if they can play a game with them.  Four hours of fellowship with hard-working Christian brothers and sisters can encourage, stimulate, motivate, and delight an entire group of people and make them "on fire" for God.  Conversely, four hours of golf finds us communing with a maximum of three other people, frustrated because we can't hit the ball straight, and usually, MUCH lighter in the wallet!  Paul encourages us to not be lazy and be productive for God in all that we do.  That includes our fellowship.  When we do all this, we can be confident in our hope!  Finally, Paul uses the dreaded "P" word.  He tells us to be patient in trouble and keep on praying.  When everything seems hopeless, it is difficult to fall to your knees, be patient and pray.  Our natural human tendencies are to get frustrated, impetuous, and angry.  Paul knew from experience that this simply doesn't work.  So today, we need to ask the tough questions and deal with the answers swiftly.  Are we serving God enthusiastically?  Are we patient in times of peril and continue to pray?  Regardless of the answers to these questions, resolve to never be lazy for God!!!Finweel to oesn't workew thPaul saysOur n, and praykneeknees, be patient, and pray.uineprovide not gen  do nothing for anyone, ! thisgovernment was extremely efficient.  go