Google+ 05/15/14 God is Merciful and Forgiving of His Rebellious People!

Daniel 9:5-10


"But we have sinned and done wrong.

We have rebelled against you and scorned your commands and regulations.

We have refused to listen to your servants the prophets,

Who spoke on your authority to our kings and princes and ancestors

And to all the people of the land.

Lord, you are in the right; but as you see, our faces are covered with shame.

This is true of all of us, including the people of Judah and Jerusalem and all Israel,

Scattered near and far, wherever you have driven us because of our disloyalty to you.

O Lord, we and our kings, princes, and ancestors are covered with shame

Because we have sinned against you.

But the Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him.

We have not obeyed the Lord our God,

For we have not followed the instructions he gave us through his servants the prophets.


In part two of our four-part devotion, Daniel continues his prayer to God.  Daniel continues with specific details of the great sins that have been committed.  He doesn't just tell God that he is sorry.  Daniel confesses that God's people have rebelled against Him and refused to listen to the prophets.  He then pauses and tells God how right He is and that God's people have their faces covered in shame.  What a graphic picture!  Could we confess that to God?  Have we confessed our shame to God?  Are we in need of confessing this fact to God?  Daniel acknowledges that the tribes of God have been separated and scattered because of our lack of loyalty.  Our disobedience has caused God great pain.  I am amazed how disobedient we are here in the United States.  Our ancestors wrote The Constitution and Declaration of Independence that clearly stated our position with God as a nation.  We are supposed to be "One Nation Under God."  We are not.  Like Daniel, we must confess our sin and acknowledge that we should all be ashamed of ourselves.  Our government that is supposed to be God-fearing does not permit God's commandments to be hung in public buildings for all to see.  Daniel leaves us with much to think about, but we must do what he did.  We must repent.  Then we must acknowledge the power of God.  It is the only sign of sanity we have as a nation.  "God is Merciful and Forgiving of His Rebellious Children!"