Google+ 05/17/14 God, For Your Sake, Have Mercy on Your Sinful People!

Daniel 9:17-19


“O our God, hear your servant’s prayer! Listen as I plead.

For your own sake, Lord, smile again on your desolate sanctuary.

O my God, lean down and listen to me.

Open your eyes and see our despair.

See how your city—the city that bears your name—lies in ruins.

We make this plea, not because we deserve help, but because of your mercy.

O Lord, hear. O Lord, forgive. O Lord, listen and act!

For your own sake, do not delay, O my God, for your people and your city bear your name.”


As we conclude our four-part devotion, listen to the wise words of the prophet Daniel.  Daniel pleads with God.  He asks God to once again smile on His desolate sanctuary.  Daniel states the obvious.  God already knows that Jerusalem lies in ruins, but Daniel has to proclaim it.  Then Daniel finishes by explaining that Jerusalem does not deserve mercy.  The plea is only being made because of God's grace and mercy, which Daniel has seen and read about many times before.  Basically, Daniel asks God to not give up on His people.  Today in 2014, we must make the same plea.  In many ways, the United States lies in spiritual ruin.  We are proclaimed to be the largest free, Christian nation in the world.  Is there a reason we simply don't act like it?  We spend more time in litigation trying to prevent public prayer than we actually do in praying for our nation.  I don't mean some benign prayer that is of no consequence.  I mean a sincere, desparate, plea like Daniel's.  We need to go to the God of our salvation and ask for His forgiveness for our entire nation.  Let's put God back in every public gathering.  Let's make God the centerpiece of our public and private education.  Let's turn to God for every legislative decision and election this country sponsors and hosts.  Let's not make Sunday the only day we worship, pray, or fellowship in God's house.  Let's pray Daniel's prayer.  "God, For Your Sake, Have Mercy on Your Sinful People!"