Google+ 05/20/14 Jesus Will Shine as Long as We Don't Whine!

Acts 7:12-14


Jacob heard that there was still grain in Egypt,

So he sent his sons—our ancestors—to buy some.

The second time they went, Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers,

And they were introduced to Pharaoh.

Then Joseph sent for his father, Jacob,

And all his relatives to come to Egypt, seventy-five persons in all.


Some revelations take longer than others.  For whatever reason, sometimes God's people become blinded to His light.  Most often, this is the intentional intervention of Satan in our lives.  Recently I shared with my congregation that God does not walk in darkness.  The expression on the faces of most of them was enlightening to me.  One could tell that this fact had never been discussed.  God will not walk into darkness and rescue us.  He will call us out of the darkness so we can embrace the light.  Remember Joseph's brothers?  They sold him into slavery!  They were tired of listening to his dream interpretations.  They felt that their father Jacob played favorites when it came to Joseph and they were over it!  The irony of this story is that it was Joseph's dream interpretations that ultimately saved Egypt and Joseph's entire family.  When his brothers arrived, they did not recognize Joseph immediately.  God had to reveal Joseph to them.  As human beings, we would expect Joseph to lash out at his brothers.  After all, Joseph was imprisoned when he first arrived at Pharaoh's palace.  There were many difficulties.  Because Joseph had God living in his heart, he welcomed his brothers with open arms.  He did not complain.  He immediately sent for his whole family, so they could enjoy the plenty that Egypt had to offer.  Joseph introduced his family to Pharaoh.   Might we all be as forgiving and loving.  Let's not hold grudges.  Let's not harbor evil thoughts in our hearts.  These things can make us bitter and angry, at all times.  Remember, "Jesus Will Shine as Long as We Don't Whine!"