Google+ 11/01/12 I Agape You!

John 3: 16


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  


Most of us have heard or read this passage over and over again all of our life.  Our tendency is to gloss over how deep this passage goes into our faith, hope, and love in the Triune God.  In the Greek,  there are at least three different words that we translate into the English word "love".  For our purposes today, we will simply say that God is not speaking about either "eros" or "pathos" in this passage.  Both of these words would be used as a superficial, worldly kind of love that at best would be fleeting and eventually empty in content and substance.  John shares with us that God "agapes" us.  The word "agape" in the Greek is an unconditional love that is eternal and overcomes every kind of darkness and evil we might encounter in our world.  Let's stop together this morning and think about sacrificing one of our children for a love that is so deep and sincere that it is impossible to comprehend.  For all the sin we freely have committed, turning our backs on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, God sacrifices His only son that we might be wiped clean now and forever and enjoy eternal life with Him.  Just take time to read that last sentence again.  Savor this moment that He did that for you, personally.  The only thing He asks in return is that we set Him apart as our God who is Alpha and Omega.  Recently, I have been working on my "agape love" with my Family of God. Some weeks are harder and require more sacrifice, yet it is what we are called to do.  I have been fortunate to raise four wonderful children.  All of them are exactly what God says they are; unique creatures make in His likeness and image.  All of you that are parents can relate to me saying that sometimes they are more unique than others!  The thought of sacrificing any of my children because I have "agape love" for all of you is incomprehensible.  Yet, that's what God's love teaches us.  Remember Abraham?  He waited until he was very old to receive the gift of a son from God.  From the time God told Abraham and Sarah they would conceive, they waited another 20 years for the precious gift God had promised both of them.  Soon after that gift arrived, God asked Abraham to make the ultimate sacrifice, his one and only son on Mt. Moriah.  Abraham had lots of questions, but in the end his "agape love" led him to be obedient to God.  If you read nothing else in this devotion, read and digest this next sentence. God never intended for Abraham to sacrifice his only son.  God simply expected Abraham to be willing to do just that.  That's the part I have been working on for several months now.  I believe John 3:16 is so much more than a catch phrase from the Bible that we make our children memorize or repeat in church on Sunday.  It is God's call on our lives to say "Be ready to sacrifice the most precious things in your life for the sake of my 'agape love' for you".  Are we ready?  God's love is amazing and I want mine to be the same.  To that end, I say to all of you from the depths of my heart and soul, today I agape you!