Google+ 11/10/12 Lukewarm...not me!

Revelation 3:15-16


I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! 

But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! 


If you are not familiar with the Bible and the book of Revelation, this scripture may disturb you greatly.  These are harsh words, don't you think?  Pretty blunt if you ask me!  Actually much of the Scripture is very blunt, yet churches simply do not cover "those" sections in the Bible or you may find yourself tempted to skip uncomfortable passages in your daily Bible reading.  Let's be blunt about the Scripture for today's devotion and use it to see through Christ's perspective.  Jesus is speaking through John to the church at Laodicea in the book of Revelation.  Jesus says that He knows that they are neither hot nor cold and goes on to say that He wishes they were either one or the other.  And since they are neither hot nor cold, He is going to spit them out of His mouth.  Let's wake up and smell the coffee or in this case heat it up in your microwave!  Jesus does not like fence-sitters.  You know, those people who can never make a decision and think everything is okay.  Those people who will never tell the truth for fear they might be offending someone.  Jesus was able to make a decision and He expects us to make one also.  How did Jesus make His decisions?  He prayed, then He acted.  As the song goes "You can't have one without the other!"  Over 85% of all organized churches today are declining.  A large reason for this is that no one can make a decision.  We have more committees and governing bodies than we have Bibles.  We have lost our first love.  Every church council, deacon, vestry, or elder meeting should start the same way in prayer.  Let's talk about what Jesus would do and then let's do it.  It is not about budgets, although every church needs one.  It is not about sacraments, even though they are nice and something that God has given us to help remember.  It is not about the music and how fast, slow, loud or soft it is.  It is about Jesus, our first love.  We have lost sight of that in all our budget discussions, communions, and musical tributes.  Very simply stated, Jesus should be our everything.  If Jesus is our everything, then decisions are necessary, appropriate, and timely.  In most of our churches, we couldn't make a timely decision if our collective spiritual lives depended on it, which they do.  The very process of most governing bodies has us waiting 2-3 months to act on anything.  We should not be lukewarm.  Jesus never was. He was direct and always loving.  He was not judgmental.  He was factual.  I will mention this again.  Telling people the truth in love is not judging.  It is telling God's truth.  Jesus expects us to be bold.  Read the scripture again and read the punishment.  I don't want Jesus "spitting me" out of His mouth.  Today, be bold for Christ.  Be sure.  Be convicted.  Be passionate.  Make Jesus your everything, but most of all, don't be lukewarm.