Google+ 11/11/12 Praise Ye the Lord!

Psalm 149:1


Praise the Lord!

Sing to the Lord a new song,
And His praise in the assembly of saints.



Sometimes short and sweet is the best message.  Our scripture and my devotion today are living proof of this very fact.  As we worship in our local New Testament Church today, let's Praise the Lord!  Lift your voices in honor and Praise to God, our Alpha and Omega.  Praise is the number one most talked about subject in the Bible and rightly so.  Genesis tells us we were created in God's image to Praise Him!  This psalm goes on to tell us that the kingdom of God involves both the glorification of the righteous and the judgment of the wicked.  It is a prophetic psalm that speaks about the time when God will establish His Kingdom on earth.  This is why the psalmist says that we should sing a new song.  When we do this, the Lord takes pleasure in His people. So go to church today, and Praise the Lord, singing to Him your new song and lifting praises in the assembly of All the Saints.  God will be glorified and you will experience the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ.