Google+ 11/02/13 We Do Choose Clean or Unclean!

Ezekiel 32:12-14


I will destroy your hordes with the swords of mighty warriors---the terror of the nations.
They will shatter the pride of Egypt, and all its hordes will be destroyed.
I will destroy all your flocks and herds that graze beside the streams.
Never again will people or animals muddy those waters with their feet.
Then I will let the waters of Egypt become calm again,
    And they will flow as smoothly as olive oil, says the Sovereign Lord.


In part six of our eighteen-part devotion series entitled, "Water, Water Everywhere!" Ezekiel the priest delivers a message from God to Pharaoh and the Egyptians.  As one of the three priest-prophets in the Old Testament (Jeremiah and Zechariah being the other two), Ezekiel emphasized his concerns as a priest.  The background of both the book of Ezekiel and Daniel are closely related.  Ezekiel was taken captive in 597 B.C. among the 10,000 that were deported by Nebuchadnezzar.  One of the unique qualities of the book of Ezekiel is that history has proven that Ezekiel's timeline and chronological order of events is precisely accurate.  That makes his message to all of us today even more important.  Notice the emphasis is on "not muddying the waters."  Often Christians make things much more complicated than they need to be.  Today's Scripture finds Ezekiel delivering a clear and concise message. Pharaoh and Egypt believed they were invincible.  Everything they did was self-serving.  The Egyptians persecuted the Israelites endlessly.  God said, "Enough!"  When we get in "God's water," it has to remain pure.  Bringing our filth and dirt into a pristine environment simply doesn't work for God.  That's why He asks us to repent, to turn away and start over.  It is not an option, it is a mandate.  God cannot allow the water to become polluted.  When it does, God will cleanse it however He needs to and when He sees fit.  Ezekiel's warning is for all of us, not just the Egyptians.  Before we enter God's "heavenly water, " we need to clean ourselves off.  The final point today is the most important.  Regardless of how we try to pollute God's water, it will ultimately remain clean and calm.  We get to choose how we participate.  When we opt for "unclean" behavior, we are truly making a decision.  Every action and reaction shows our clear choices and they only fall into two categories.  "We Do Choose Clean or Unclean!"