Google+ 10/31/12 Out of the Depths

Psalm 130: 1-2


Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord; Lord, hear my voice.
Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.


The first four words of this psalm could form a very appropriate title.  Actually, they do in Latin where this psalm is known as "De Profundis".  Do you have days when you cry out to the Lord?  If you don't, you should!  When the world gets to be too much, when no one will listen, when desperation or depression seem like logical choices, or everyone abandons you, please cry out to the Lord.  We should commune with God daily.  The Bible tells us that over and over again.  We are taught in our prayers to identify the Omnipresent God, thank Him for all He does for us, and intercede through Jesus for ourselves and others every day.  The problem with this concept for us is that the world gets in the way and we simply don't do this daily.  This is the reason I write daily devotions for all of you and for me.  It is my way of saying "start the day with God".  In this psalm, the writer asks for God to be attentive to his cry for mercy.  There are two words used in our daily Bible study that cause confusion;  grace and mercy.  Let me explain.  Grace is God's way of providing for us what we need each day that we don't deserve.  These are things we could never earn.  Our sinful nature does not make us worthy of the gifts He bestows on each of us.  Because we believers are recipients of God's grace through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ, our lives are much different than if we had to "earn" our place in heaven.  Mercy, on the other hand, is God's willingness to withhold what we DO deserve that would take the form of vast and frequent punishment for our transgressions. Because of our sinful nature created first in the Garden of Eden, our lives would once again look very different if we received what we deserved based on our disobedience.  If you don't cry out to God for mercy, you are not taking full advantage of all that God has to offer.  Bask in God's glory as He offers mercy and grace.  My question for you today is simple and direct;  Is Jesus your everything?   He proclaimed that He would be our intercessor.  When we make Him our everything, our cry for mercy goes directly to the throne room of God because Jesus has God's ear every moment of every day.  If Jesus is your everything, Jesus is praying for you right now.  What a comforting thought!  If Jesus is truly not your everything, make it so today.  You have His permission to ask for mercy from whatever depths you may be in today and He will lift you up and change your life!