Google+ 10/26/12 Be Still and Shout?

Psalm 46:10


Be still, and know that I am God;  I will be exalted among the nations,  I will be exalted in the earth! 


Be Still and Shout?  Those of you that are following the daily devotions are waking up this morning and saying has Dave lost his mind?  Those of you that know me also know the answer to this question which is always a qualified "Yes"!  Wednesday's devotion was entitled "Shout to the Lord" and today's is "Be Still".  Are these topics opposite or complimentary?  I would suggest the latter.  Shouting to the Lord and being still are deeply connected.  They both come from the same point of view and motive;  seeking to understand God thoroughly and then putting into daily practice our praise and adoration for Him through important actions including singing, rejoicing, reflecting, and praying.  There is a clear different between shouting for/to the Lord and just being loud or noisy.  Being a musician, I know this better than most.  This is best illustrated for me when I play or sing with a group.  God has given me great discernment in this area for which I am grateful.  When a group like a choir or Praise band literally shouts to the Lord, there is no happier, more joyful experience.  The instruments and the singing rise inside of you and the joy of the Lord is overwhelming.  I often find myself in worship fighting back the tears of a beautiful musical and spiritual moment created by those that are serving with me, not what I did but what we did together for God.  There is no better feeling except that sometimes I can't see the music for the tears!  This can happen to you anywhere and anytime when you sing, play,or listen to great Christian music and I am sure all of you have experienced at least one of these.  Like everything else, there can be another side to this as there is also just "loud".  This becomes the difference between worship and noise and often people just don't know the difference. Musicians can become very wrapped up in the themselves rather than God's message.  When this happens, often they play or sing REALLY loud.  If there happens to be more than one of these people on a given day of practice or worship, an unhealthy battle occurs to become the "loudest".  This is when God whispers in our ear "Be still and know I am God".  This doesn't mean "don't shout".  This means "don't be loud and noisy".  God's work is never noisy or loud.  Ever been in a crowded room trying to communicate and the noise just keeps getting louder and louder?  That's because everyone is trying to be heard over everyone else!  Notice the scripture verse that first we must "Be still and know" and then God becomes exalted.  It is here that I am often reminded of who Satan/Lucifer was in the beginning.  He was one of God's angels.  The Bible tells us that Satan's body was actually a musical instrument that Praised God even when Satan walked.  It is here that as a musician and a music minister that I caution myself and others.  If Satan ended up the way he did, can we not learn a lesson?  Satan became full of himself and decided he had a better idea than God.  He then began to use his God-given talents in music, which were numerous, to be loud and noisy.  Look what happened.  The world has never been the same.  Since Satan had musical talents, I spend a great deal of time in prayer that Satan never has influence over music that I create, lead, or perform.  All of the groups I lead pray out loud before each worship experience before and after to thank God for what He has done for us and ask Him to send the Holy Spirit to live in our music.  As we shout to the Lord each and every day, let's first "Be Still and know He is God".  Only then will God be exalted in all the Earth and not blocked from us by our noise!