Google+ 10/02/13 Don't Miss God's Point!

Leviticus 7:29-31


“Give the following instructions to the people of Israel.

When you present a peace offering to the Lord, bring part of it as a gift to the Lord.

Present it to the Lord with your own hands as a special gift to the Lord.

Bring the fat of the animal, together with the breast, and lift up the breast as a special offering to the Lord.

 Then the priest will burn the fat on the altar, but the breast will belong to Aaron and his descendants.


In part five of our six-part devotion series entitled, "Lifting and Loving," we turn to Moses and God's instructions about how to use the newly-constructed tabernacle.  Moses gives great detail about how the Israelites are to present offerings.  Today's Scripture lesson deals with the peace offering to God.  In this short three-verse Scripture, the Lord is mentioned five times!  Notice that God instructs Moses to have the people bring both the fat of the animal and the best part, which was the breast or right shoulder,  to the altar for sacrifice to God.  Our Scripture is clear.  The priest, in this case Aaron, will burn the fat and keep the breast.  God ordained that Aaron should keep these parts for himself and his family as part of God's anointing of Aaron's ministry.   In return, God expected obedience from Aaron and a complete devotion to His people.  Please listen carefully to these words.  I am often ridiculed for taking this very same position with "God's people."  Being a minister is not a job, it is a life-calling.  The reason that God tells the people to bring an offering and present it at the altar is to honor both God and His ordaining of the "minister" of His people.  There is nothing in the New Testament that changes this fact for "Overseers."  We are to be available to God and His people twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.  What, no day off?  Correct!!!  That is why the Levites were provided for in every way in the Bible.  It is also why they were to own nothing of material wealth that would distract them from their calling.  They were busy taking care of God's people.  People often ask me why I work so hard, and so many hours, each day.  I have an answer.  God said so!  I cherish all the people God has put in my path.  The world is a cruel place.  Many of the people in our ministry give sacrificially of themselves, and all they have, everyday to God.  My job as a pastor is to simply take care of them.  I pray daily that God will lift me up to be a blessing each day.  The Bible says we are all ministers in God's Kingdom.  To this end, we should serve the Lord with gladness everyday.  Lift your "sacrifice" to God in the "tabernacle" each week.  Make sure it is the best you have to give.  Today, just as in the time of Moses, expect your "Levite" to be there when you call.  People who are called to be ministers should always be ready to serve and available when God's people call.  Why are many New Testament Churches dying?  There are basically two reasons.  The people have forgotten to be obedient and sacrifice the best they have to God.  The "Levites" are far too preoccupied with doing everything except serving, and they are more worried about their "day off" than they are about constantly serving God's people.  After all, when these two things stop, as they have in most modern-day churches, God will stop blessing His people.  Don't ignore this fact.  God blesses obedience and abhors disobedience.  I know this all too well, as I have done both in my life!  I have committed myself to being obedient in all things through God and Christ Jesus.   Be on fire for God every day.  "Don't Miss God's Point!"