Google+ 10/05/13 He Will Lift You Up!

1 Peter 5:6-7


So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.


As we close our six-part devotion series today entitled , "Lifting and Loving," we turn to the apostle Peter for insight from God.  It is appropriate that we turn to Peter to close this series.  Next week, we will begin a six-part devotion series entitled, "Now, Go and Build My Church!"  Peter was named by Jesus, changing his name from Simon.  The reason for this was that Jesus proclaimed He would build His church on the "rock," which was Peter.  Christ then proclaimed that "the gates of Hell would not prevail against it!"  Let's humble ourselves under the mighty power of God.  We need to give all our cares and worries to the One who cares for us above all others.  Peter tells us that when we completely surrender, God will lift us up in His time.  That all seems really easy, so let's go do it right now!!!  I need to challenge you in this area.  Before we proclaim that we have "given it all to Christ," we need to determine if we REALLY have done that.  How do we handle challenging and difficult situations?  Do we find ourselves often angry at others and even God?  Are we often downtrodden or sad?  Are we always repeating life's mistakes and not really learning from them?  These questions are meant to be thought-provoking and soul-searching for each of us.  When we truly give all our cares and worries to God, a weight is lifted from our shoulders, allowing us to hear God's voice and complete His work in our lives.  If we hang onto old ways and try to always be in charge, we will find frustration and rage around every corner of life.  After all, we live in the world, not in heaven!  Maybe we are downtrodden or sad because God is not lifting us up.  The only reason that this would happen is that we are holding back.  God never holds back.  When I was much younger, my swimming instructor took me up to a diving platform.  It looked to me, being less than ten years old, like it was five miles off the ground!  My mother watched in horror as the swimming instructor, after fifteen minutes of wasted time trying to convince me that I should jump and would be okay, pushed me off the platform.  Even as a young boy, I was terrified as I fell to the water.  Little did I know that water jets would break my fall and that three lifeguards were in the water to rescue me if I got into trouble.  I didn't die that day!  I still don't like heights, but I discovered that I could stand and do nothing or get in the water and start swimming.  It was not until I was pushed from the comfort of the platform that I discovered the measures that had been taken to ensure my safety.  I learned a lot about trust and discernment that day in my young life.  That is why the Bible calls it a "Leap of Faith!"  If you haven't climbed to the top of God's "platform" yet, let's get started, one step at a time.  If we have climbed the ladder, arrived at the top and are looking down, let's take the plunge, even if we don't see God at the bottom.  If He led you to the platform, His loving arms are waiting to catch you on the other end!  Most of us will never see them until we jump.  Don't wait as time is short here on this earth.  Follow God's plan, be obedient, and serve the Lord with gladness right now!  As Peter says, we you give it all to God, "He Will Lift You Up!"