Google+ 10/09/13 We Will Prove Micah Wrong!

Micah 3:9-11


Listen to me, you leaders of Israel!
    You hate justice and twist all that is right.
You are building Jerusalem on a foundation of murder and corruption.
You rulers make decisions based on bribes; you priests teach God’s laws only for a price;
You prophets won’t prophesy unless you are paid.
    Yet all of you claim to depend on the Lord.
“No harm can come to us,” you say, “for the Lord is here among us.”


In part three of our six-part devotion series entitled, "Now, Go Build My Church!" we turn to the wise prophet Micah.  Today's Scripture lesson is especially frightening when we realize that it is so true today in 2013.  Israel has become very corrupt and the church is right in the center of the problem.  Micah tells us that rulers were making decisions based on bribes and priests were teaching God's laws only if they were paid.  In short, the church had become all about money.  This fact should sound extremely familiar to all of today's Christians.  Unfortunately, most modern-day churches have the very same problem that Micah is addressing to the Israelites.  There is a fact that we, and the Israelites, simply do not want to hear, but I am going to say it anyway.  Our problem in churches in not monetary, it is spiritual.  The gospel message is so watered down because many ministers seek to be politically correct, not Biblically correct.  Many pastors and priests spend more time researching humor for their sermons than studying God's Word.  What has happened and how did it occur?  Being a Christian is hard work.  How do we know?  Look at Jesus and all the other successful apostles and prophets.  All of them worked long hours every day and accomplished much.  As this group of men preached God's message, they made people mad!  They told the spiritual truth that no one wanted to hear.  Their lives were completely immersed in God's will and they never quit.  They had no benefit packages, mileage and housing allowances, or discretionary funds.  They had God's Word.  Jesus's church didn't even have a building!  Today things are very different, and probably not for the better.  Only obedience to God solves monetary problems.  When we realize that everything we have belongs to God and He is in control, giving a tenth of what we have, back to Him, becomes an opportunity to express the ultimate appreciation for how God has blessed each of us.  The rulers, priests, and prophets of Micah's day had been tempted by the devil and they gave in.  Money began to rule their lives.  They were building the foundation of Jerusalem on murder and corruption.  I encourage all of us to look at our personal lives, and the New Testament Church we serve, for these signs of corruption.  Is Satan trying to tempt us too?  Keep Christianity pure.  Before we argue that "times have changed," purity can and must be done.  If we hate justice and twist all that is right, our "building" will crumble.  It is sad to watch Satan have such success with many of us.  Call on the name of Jesus.  Tell Satan to be gone.  Walk with God everyday.  When we do, "We Will Prove Micah Wrong!"