Google+ 10/29/13 Cry Out To God and Listen for His Response!

Psalm 69:13-15


But I keep praying to you, Lord, hoping this time you will show me favor.
In your unfailing love, O God, answer my prayer with your sure salvation.
Rescue me from the mud; don’t let me sink any deeper!
Save me from those who hate me, and pull me from these deep waters.
Don’t let the floods overwhelm me, or the deep waters swallow me, or the pit of death devour me.


In part two of our eighteen-part devotion series entitled, "Water, Water, Everywhere!" we turn to King David for a plea to God that might sound familiar to all of us that serve the Lord with gladness each and every day.  This psalm is often quoted in the New Testament because it deals with one of the major themes found in the entire book of Psalms.  The theme can be captured in two words which would be "undeserved suffering!"  David is crying out to God to save him from his enemies.  David wants to be rescued from the mud.  He wants to be delivered from those who hate him.  Then there is that marvelous water reference.  First, David wants to be pulled from the deep waters.  Once he is pulled from those waters, he asks God to not let the floods overwhelm him.  Finally, David calls for protection from not allowing the deep waters to swallow him.  So, what does all that mean?  David, like many of us, was standing strong for God.  As a result, many people hated him.  As a pastor, I can relate to being overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do for God and the number of people who hate you for doing it!  When you look out over the horizon, it is easy to become discouraged.  Notice David does not ask God to save him from drowning.  He asks God to save him from being overwhelmed.  This is an extremely important point.  God will protect us.  After all, He promised!  Sometimes God has trouble keeping us from being overwhelmed.  The "water" is everywhere and we often don't even know where to start.  Take comfort in the fact that David, "a man after God's own heart," must cry out to God for help.  Jesus did the very same thing on numerous occasions when He was overwhelmed.  Remember that the only strength and vision we have comes from God.  Be like David and Jesus.  "Cry Out To God and Listen for His Response!"