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1 Chronicles 28:10-12


"So take this seriously.

The Lord has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary.

Be strong, and do the work.”

Then David gave Solomon the plans for the Temple and its surroundings,

Including the entry room, the storerooms, the upstairs rooms, the inner rooms, and the inner sanctuary—

Which was the place of atonement.

David also gave Solomon all the plans he had in mind for the courtyards of the Lord's Temple,

The outside rooms, the treasuries, and the rooms for the gifts dedicated to the Lord.


In part ten of our thirteen-part devotion series entitled, "The Best Laid Plans," we turn to 1 Chronicles for some necessary answers to difficult questions.  The books of Chronicles trace the history of Israel from the beginning of the human race until the fall of Jerusalem and the subsequent return of the Jews during the reign of the Persian King, Cyrus the Great (559-529 B.C.).  The books were written toward the end of the Old Testament era in the fifth century B.C. by the prophet Ezra.  Today's Scripture account deals with Solomon being commissioned by God to build the temple.  That in itself would be a big deal, but David has already drawn up plans for the temple.  King David, being so grateful to God for changing his heart and forgiving him for all his sin, decided to build a temple for God.  Understand that David had the ability and the money to do that very thing.  As onlookers, we would all concur that David should be truly grateful for God's mercy.  So, let the temple-building begin!  Not so fast.  While David had a great plan for the temple and surrounding areas, he had not discussed it with God.  To David's credit, he finally stops and tells God what he is about to do and asks God's opinion.  God informs David that he would rather not have him build the temple.  God tells David that he has someone else in mind for the job.  Much to David's surprise, Solomon has been chosen as the temple builder.  Rather than being angry at God, David obeys God and acknowledges His will.  Then David commits a great act of obedience.  David turns over all of his plans and drawings to Solomon for his use!  I fully understand that Solomon was David's son, but in the Old Testament there were many royal families killing each other over power.  The drawings of this project would have taken months, if not years.  Sacrificially, David handed all of his hard work to his son.  Why?  Because God said so!!!  Solomon went on to use many of these plans, that God approved, to build the most fantastic house of God that Israel had ever seen.  I can relate to David and Solomon.  As we speak, I am building a new "temple" for our ministry.  While it is a rented space, it belongs to God and we have consecrated it to that end.  Like David,  I had prayed over the years and had drawn up plans for such a time as this.  About four months ago, God brought my older son back "home" to work in the ministry.  In many ways, he is a "master" builder.  God told me to work alongside him to get this job done.  So, I have turned over my plans and blessed his participation.  Currently the project is right on schedule and will be glorious.  I share this with you today, as you may be planning something great for God, as you should.  Don't be alarmed if you consult with God and He replaces you or brings you a partner.  God has done that for me with my ministry partner, business manager, and now my son, all in the span of less than two years.  I am so much more effective in the ministry because God sent me the perfect partners to complete and execute His ministry here in Winter Garden, Florida!  When God ordains something, we must be like David and surrender all our plans.  Don't be selfish and crave power.  When God ordains it, "We Is Always Better Than Me!"