Google+ 09/27/13 In Short, They Chose Poorly!

1 Peter 2:6-8


As the Scriptures say,

“I am placing a cornerstone in Jerusalem, chosen for great honor,
And anyone who trusts in him will never be disgraced.”

Yes, you who trust him recognize the honor God has given him.

But for those who reject him,

“The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.”


“He is the stone that makes people stumble, the rock that makes them fall.”

They stumble because they do not obey God’s word, and so they meet the fate that was planned for them.


In part five of our six-part devotion series entitled, "The Chief Cornerstone," we continue listening to Peter share with all the persecuted Christians the truth about Christ.  God, through Peter, shares a comforting promise with all of us that stand for Christ.  We are promised that if we trust Christ, we will never be disgraced.  This eternal promise will get us through the toughest of times.  I apologize if you have been lied to by churches during your Christian life.  Life in Christ is rarely "fair."  It is never easy battling Satan in the world.  As I have mentioned in previous devotions, the euphoria of accepting Christ as our personal Savior can be quickly overcome by evil forces in our lives.  Many people believe that all their troubles will go away once they stand for Christ.  We need only look at the life of Jesus to determine this idea could not be farther from the truth.  The more that Christ preached the gospel to the Jewish people, the more He was persecuted.  As we all know, His commitment to God and us "earned"  Him crucifixion.  This is precisely why Jesus has become "The Chief Cornerstone" in our lives.  For believers, the encouragement we receive from today's Scripture is so necessary.  Conversely, for those non-believers, the admonition that Peter utters is frightening.  According to God, we either build on His cornerstone or we stumble and fall.  Notice our Scripture does not give a third option, which is the path most organized religions and ministers take today.  There is no "wait and see" when it comes to God and Christ Jesus.  Peter does not speak of indecision, political correctness, or committees.  According to Peter, you are either all in or all out!  If we are having trouble making Godly decisions for Christ, we need only read the last phrase of today's Scripture.  If we don't obey God's Word, we will meet with the fate that was planned for us.  Ouch!  Did God plan for our demise and separation from Him?  Yes He did, for all those that do not repent, turn to Christ, or obey.  We must be 100% in God's will.  If we are, God will always be with us and protect us.  Remember that when God's chosen people crucified His Son, they no longer remained His chosen people.  They rejected "The Chief Cornerstone" which God had ordained.  "In Short, They Chose Poorly!"